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Yesterday we visited American University, in Washington D.C. We were a bit late for the information session because we miscalculated out time, and then the shuttle we were taking to the metro was pulled over for having broken break lights. But we heard most of the information and then got a tour around campus with a funny senior named Erica.

  • AU has a great art program, and a new art center with great facilities, and a museum. The Katzen art center reminds me of Denver School of the Arts. The best thing is that art classes and studios are available to everyone, even if you’re not majoring in art. Not many schools have that.
  • They have an Honors program that’s pretty prestigious, and has some advantages. I think I almost qualify (I would have to raise my math SAT), but I don’t know if I would do that.
  • AU works really hard to get students internships and jobs. There are a lot of internships available in D.C.
  • They have lots of study abroad opportunities that they promote, and you get credit while you’re abroad.
  • Lots of clubs, most politically active school in the US.
  • There is a health food store within walking distance.
  • The entire campus has wireless internet!
  • Kay Spiritual Life center is a cool building and center that offers lots of different religious services. That looked nice.
  • It’s a medium-sized school, with a smallish campus. I thought it was the perfect size.
  • The dorms looked tiny, but I’m sure that’s not the last time I’ll observe this. The washing machine texts you when your clothes are done!
  • One of the only bad things: AU doesn’t have the major of my most recent interest, called cognitive science.

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