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Georgetown is, by one calculation, the oldest university in the country. It’s made up of Georgetown College, which has the liberal arts, and a business school and a medical school. We didn’t sign up for the information session, unfortunately, but we did get to take the campus tour. Most of what’s on my mind is how it compares to AU, so:

  • The campus is very different from that of AU—it’s mostly fancy and old and Harry Potter-ish and less organized.
  • There seem to be a lot more dorm options than at AU, though we didn’t get to see a dorm layout or hear about any one in detail because there were so many different types.
  • In the same realm as AU’s Spiritual Life center, GU has several different religious leaders on campus who organize groups etc. It was the first Catholic school to have a full-time rabbi, and the first American school to have a full-time imam.
  • GU also says that art classes are available to non-art majors, but they don’t have the fancy art facilities that AU has.
  • GU does have cognitive science, but only as a minor.


  • There is a grocery store called The Corp that is totally run and operated by students, and is a multi-million dollar organization. It’s non-profit, so they give their profits to scholarships for the school.
  • GU also has a successful bank that is run entirely by students, and is used by most students.
  • They do study abroad programs, but they are not as popular and do not have as many options as those at AU.
  • There is an ambulance service that is operated completely by professionally-trained student volunteers! That’s cool.
  • Mama says it’s good that both schools are really close to an airport.
  • OH! It’s great that both schools (AU and GU) are relatively close to towns and activities, which are made even more accessible by the Metro and school shuttles.

GU is probably just as qualified (or almost as qualified) as AU, but the impression it gave was a little less remarkable.  That could be because we didn’t attend the information session, or because our tour guides weren’t as cool, or because the school is older, or because my awe at AU has not worn off, or because it’s less of what I’m looking for, or because it’s just a lower quality college. I don’t know. It has a really good reputation.


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