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It sounds like a state college, but Penn is an Ivy League university. It was founded by Benjamin Franklin because he wanted to educate the people besides lawyers and clergy. He invented the more general education, i.e. the liberal arts university. Penn is different from AU and GU because it has a city campus, and the edges blend into the rest of Philadelphia.

  • They have cognitive science, but as a double major between the Arts and Sciences College and the Engineering School. It sounds too computer science-oriented… We realized before we visited that it’s probably not what I’m looking for, but we checked it out anyway because it looked like a good example of a city school.
  • They mentioned a study-abroad program, but it’s not as strong as those at AU or GU. Penn doesn’t do as much to help students find internships, either.
  • It sounds like they have a great engineering program, and they have this big invention contest called Penn-vention.
  • Penn is a Harry Potter school, like GU. There are some amazing old buildings, and some beautiful old courtyard areas.
  • They don’t do merit scholarships. That’s a problem because it’s a pretty expensive school.
  • It’s a walking campus and town. It’s hard to drive and the parking situation, in mama’s words, is “sickening.”
  • Most juniors and seniors have to live off-campus.
  • There are lots of sculptures around campus
  • You can take art classes and stuff outside you major. They encourage it. We walked by the art building, but didn’t get to see inside.
  • Penn is pretty high-tech. One of the 15 libraries has these cool high-tech group study booth areas.
  • Penn is very selective. Hard to get into.

The tour ended, and it looked like it might start raining. We went inside to get milkshakes, and it did start raining so we waited for it to slow down so we could walk to the car. When we got outside, limbs from the huge old trees littered the ground. Everywhere were leaves and branches and stunned college students taking pictures of demolished trees with their cell phones. It was intense.


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