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UConn is HUGE. I think it’s about half the size of Aramco. They have tons of majors, and a bunch of roads going through the campus. (It looks like a school you would have to be able to drive to attend, but it’s not, because there is very very limited parking. You have to take a shuttle to class.) It is out in the boondocks to begin with, and then it is in an enormous field in the middle of the boondocks, so it’s probably pretty separated from the closest towns. We didn’t get a guided tour or an information session. They gave us a map and brochure for a self-guided tour. We didn’t do it, just looked around a bit.

  • I get the impression that a big part of UConn is the agricultural school. I don’t know if a college with several barns on campus is the one for me…
  • UConn is the first we have looked at that actually has a cognitive science major (besides Penn, where it was too computer-oriented, so :-P). Here it’s in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • You can’t minor in any art except art history.

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