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University of Hartford formed when Hartford Art College, The Hartt School (for music, dance, and theater), and Hilyard College got together. It caught my attention because of its well-known art college.

  • This was a different campus again. It was very suburban, and just outside the city of Hartford.  There is a river running through a gorgeous green campus. Hartford, CT itself is gorgeous.
  • Unlike the other schools we’ve seen, Hartford is pretty separate from the rest of the world. It’s a bit harder to get to nearby towns.
  • Hartford is a B-average school. If I went I would be in the Honors program.
  • They are proud of being high-tech. There are plasma announcement screens around campus. There are high-tech podiums in every classroom that let the teacher write on a screen that will be projected on the board.
  • Like every other school we’ve seen, Hartford has a currency that you can use to get food, books, etc. and which works in some places off campus.
  • There are two magnet schools on campus: an elementary and a high school. They are based on the philosophy of multiple intelligences and college students who are studying education use them to get experience. I think that sounds really cool.
  • After American University, Hartford’s were the second dorms we got to see. They were noticeably bigger than AU’s, but older and not as nice. There are no forced triples, because of a new (luxury) dorm that you have to write and essay to get into.
  • They do not have cognitive science. It would be possible to cobble it together, but it wouldn’t be the same.

After the tour, we went and looked at the art buildings specifically. They were really nice. (The architecture of all these art facilities looks like it was copied off of Denver School of the Arts! :P.) They don’t have jewelry classes there. We talked to and art admissions dean some, and gave him the address of my online portfolio ( and he may email me about that soon. He told us that double-majoring will keep you in school for at least five years. He said that if you are unsure about what to major in, it is better to start in the art school and have the option of moving to the academic, because it’s really hard to catch up in the arts. He also warned against selling out to a better-paying major if your passion is in the fine arts. I don’t know it mine is… He said that students majoring in art and minoring in an academic field is much more common than vice versa.


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