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A very dull name for a very awesome school.

Oh. My. Gosh. Before we visited, Mama told me that this was my dream school, and she was right. One of the big defining characteristics of Brown is their lack of distribution requirements. They believe that students, when given free rein in their education, will challenge themselves and build their learning. It’s so much like the Montessori philosophy of igniting a desire for learning in a student, providing the materials, and guiding the student as they teach themselves. Brown wants students to take classes they are interested in, but they encourage kids to take a broad enough range of classes that they have some variety. You can kind of develop your own major.

  • Brown has the best cognitive science options yet. It’s a whole department, and it seems like you have a lot of choices; you can specialize in cognitive linguistics or cognitive neuroscience etc. The girl who led our tour is in cognitive neuroscience (she also said she was interested in history and religion and philosophy, which is funny).
  • There is a ton of guidance. There are lots of people guiding your academics and classes choices, and then there are dorm counselors.
  • Brown students are consistently rated as 1st and 2nd happiest students in… world or U.S.? I don’t remember. But they are happy.
  • Students are really involved and busy with tons of activities and groups.
  • Rhode Island School of Design is right next door, and it’s possible to take classes there.
  • Because there are no distribution requirements, you can take tons of other elective classes you’re interested in. That’s great for people with broad interests, like me!
  • Brown is an Ivy League with a 9% acceptance rate… They prefer that you have four years of math and science, which stinks a little bit. I have a really good excuse though.
  • We didn’t see the dorms, but they sounded good. You are guaranteed housing 4 years.
  • It’s in the city of Providence, so it’s an urban school, but less blending-into-the-city than Penn. There are shuttle around campus and into town. You can walk into downtown Providence. There is a 1-hour train to Boston and a 3-hour train to New York.
  • There are oldish builidings and newish buildings (sorry Danielle, we didn’t see any Hogwarts castles). There is green (though not nearly as much as Hartford, that place had a lot of green) and a hill that they sled down when it snows.
  • It sounds like an artsy campus, and they say it’s a very artsy town.

I am already planning my application essay 🙂


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  1. Rachel, it is amazing the opportunities that you are being afforded by your parents and your God given skills and talents. We are really enjoying your journey and are so impressed with your literary skills as you take us on this amazing journey. We feel like we are there. Wow! I can only imagine the essay that will follow. You will certainly be an asset to the university you choose.

    We love you and are very proud of you,
    Uncle Jim and Aunt Terry

    • Thank you Aunt Terry and Uncle Jim! 🙂 I’m glad that you’re interested. I do feel fortunate that I can actually see these colleges before I apply, and Mama and I are having fun.

      Thank you so much!! I love you too!

  2. That school sounds so perfect! You didn’t say a single bad thing about it.

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