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Lewis and Clark College   1 comment

This one’s in Portland, OR

Lewis and Clark seemed kind of like an expensive version of UNC Asheville, because it was built in a beautiful forest.

  • 1900 students. Small classes that are always taught by professors.
  • They are big on internationalism. 9% of students are international, and they have special programs for international students and Third Culture Kids (which I am technically a part of). Study abroad is very encouraged, and 60% of seniors go out for a year or a semester. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors can go out. Most are outside of Europe.
  • The distribution requirements: 1 lab science, 2 quantitative reasoning, 1 art, 2 PE, one year of Exploration and Discovery. They say it’s easy to take something barely related and get credit. There are lots of options.
  • They don’t have cognitive science. Mama read that they have been trying to start it up, and we got the email of the lady who’s working on it.
  • There are some themed dorms that are interesting. Things like arts, sustainability, outdoors, and wellness.
  • It’s 10 minutes from downtown, and there are busses and a free shuttle.
  • There’s no honors college, but it doesn’t need one.
  • They have need-based, academic-based, and merit-based financial aid.
  • All freshmen have to take a year-long class called Discovery and Exploration. You read classics and write a lot and stuff. The second semester you get to choose a more specific area.

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Washington University in St. Louis   Leave a comment

I have already written this entry, but it was deleted when mama was doing weird stuff to try to get the computer to connect to the internet.

  • Medium sized: 6000 undergrad and 6000 grad.
  • They have a big college of arts.
  • Their cognitive science area is called Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology. There is a science-y-er track and a culture/philosophy-er track.
  • You can take classes from other colleges. It’s easy to double major or to minor.
  • They have lots of advisors.
  • They do lots of undergrad research.
  • They have some study abroad which can include internship.
  • I think they have the most Greek life that we’ve seen. I love how all the schools are like, “yes, we do have fraternities and sororities, but DON’T WORRY you barely know they’re there.”
  • It’s a suburban campus, but St. Louis is easily accessed.
  • It’s very expensive. Mama is scandalized.
  • They do merit and need-based scholarships.
  • There is an honors program, but the university looks challenging and advanced enough on its own.
  • The dorms are HUGE, the biggest yet. The “modern” style dorms have 4 kids sharing a bathroom. The “traditional” dorms have the whole floor sharing a larger bathroom. The residential area looks like a cute little town, and there are student-run businesses on the street floor of the res buildings.

I had a separate meeting with a counselor lady in the School of Art. There are three options if you want to do art along with something else: you can get a BFA and a degree in something else, which will take more than 4 years; you can get a BFA and major in something else, without getting a second degree; you can get a degree in something else, and minor in art. She lady said you can apply to the School of Art (which might be easier for me) and then transfer to the School of Arts and Sciences as soon as you are accepted. She is going to look at my portfolio and give me feedback.

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