Lewis and Clark College   1 comment

This one’s in Portland, OR

Lewis and Clark seemed kind of like an expensive version of UNC Asheville, because it was built in a beautiful forest.

  • 1900 students. Small classes that are always taught by professors.
  • They are big on internationalism. 9% of students are international, and they have special programs for international students and Third Culture Kids (which I am technically a part of). Study abroad is very encouraged, and 60% of seniors go out for a year or a semester. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors can go out. Most are outside of Europe.
  • The distribution requirements: 1 lab science, 2 quantitative reasoning, 1 art, 2 PE, one year of Exploration and Discovery. They say it’s easy to take something barely related and get credit. There are lots of options.
  • They don’t have cognitive science. Mama read that they have been trying to start it up, and we got the email of the lady who’s working on it.
  • There are some themed dorms that are interesting. Things like arts, sustainability, outdoors, and wellness.
  • It’s 10 minutes from downtown, and there are busses and a free shuttle.
  • There’s no honors college, but it doesn’t need one.
  • They have need-based, academic-based, and merit-based financial aid.
  • All freshmen have to take a year-long class called Discovery and Exploration. You read classics and write a lot and stuff. The second semester you get to choose a more specific area.

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  1. Rachel, I found this list of universities in US, Canada and abroad with cognitive science programs and each listing has a link to the description of their program. Some you have seen and some you may want to add to your research list an maybe your visit list.

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