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My first and only decline letter! yayyy!   Leave a comment

Brown results came out today: I did not get in. It was expected 🙂 i only knew of one other student at my school who was applying, but apparently there are two more, and one of them got in!


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Scholarships compare   Leave a comment

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One exciting phone call and one exciting letter   Leave a comment

The phone call from UNCA came, and then an emailed version of the letter that they so thoughtfully realized would take a while to get to me:






The mail scanning service showed us an envelope from Lewis & Clark that said “Welcome!” on the front. Way to ruin the suspense! But mamma scanned the inside and found out that the welcome wasn’t the only news:





an updated table to come… 🙂

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News from American University   1 comment

After emailing AU, I found out that scholarship and honors college info should have come with the packet I received in the mail. (Ahem I haven’t gotten a single thing from AU in the mail.) Three phone calls later, I got the nice international admissions lady to re-send the packet to our forwarding address, and meanwhile she emailed me a PDF of the contents…

I have been accepted to the honors college at AU, and I was awarded a scholarship! The Dean scholarship, which is $15,000 annually, for a total of $60,000! :))))))))

Here’s an updated table:

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Mail   6 comments

Our mail forwarding service sent us two mysterious packages from WUSTL and DU. Mama just picked them up.

I already knew that DU wanted me in their honors program, but apparently they also have named me a Chancellor Scholar, and they want to give me $76,ooo!

No scholarship from WUSTL, art or otherwise.


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A few more things   Leave a comment

The interview went pretty well. The two ladies who talked to me were really nice, even if they did ask some tricky questions 😛

Last night DU told me by email that I was accepted into the honors college… and that I should write them a short essay if I’m interested? Why, if I’m already in?? I don’t know, I’ll email to clarify 😛

In the interview I learned a bit more about the honors program at UNCA. It seems really nice, but I think the honors colleges at AU and DU surpass it.

Mama was doing some research on how my schools count AP credits. American is very generous, and I think even gives credit based on SAT scores for basic courses. UNCA is pretty good, too.

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I just got an acceptance email from…   Leave a comment

American University! Four down, two to go!

Something we really liked about Lewis & Clark was their Third-Culture Kid program, but I didn’t realize until it was mentioned in this email that AU had something similar, called a Global Nomads program. In fact, the email says that, because I am a global nomad, i will receive a call this week from a current student to help introduce  me to AU and answer any questions I have. Both the TCK and the GN program make a real effort to make sure that students settle in comfortably.

In about two hours I’ll be getting a call from UNCA for the scholarship interview…

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