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It’s been a while, so I should do a little back story before the exciting news.

I applied to the six schools on my list. UNCA was early application, so that I would be eligible for a scholarship, and the rest were regular. I submitted a portfolio of art to WUSTL to be considered for an art scholarship. I met with an alumnus of Brown for an interview.

A few months ago, I got my first college acceptance! UNCA told me they wanted me, but didn’t mention the scholarship. I inquired and found out that I would be receiving a letter that would tell me about the additional materials required for the scholarship application. I did get the letter– on the day that I was supposed to have sent it back! I worked it out, thank goodness, and asked the colleges to send me information by email, or through our mail-scanning service.

Here’s the exciting news:
Last night, I checked my email and saw a letter from the UNCA scholarship board. I have been awarded a $4000 a year scholarship (total of $16,000!)! Apparently the competition this year was really tough, and the average scholarship was less than half of mine. 🙂

It’s not as if UNCA was my top choice or anything. That would be REALLY exciting. The best thing about getting this scholarship is that now I feel assured that I can compete: if UNCA wants me that badly, some other colleges ought to at least accept me.
On the other hand, this scholarship is going to be another confounding factor when it’s time to decide 😛 and it will already be hard enough. I guess I can still hope that it can be negated by nice offers from every other school 🙂

I’m a bit jealous of my friends who set their hearts on one school, and already know that they’ve been accepted to it (sometimes with a cushy scholarship). It’s going to be real tough to choose.


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