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Before spring break, it was between UNCA (which offered a full ride) and AU (which offered a bit of a scholarship). Comparing them was really difficult. It was so hard to weigh the pros and the cons because they were SOOO different. Like apples and oranges. UNCA would be great because of the freedom of not having to pay: I could do internships instead of work, and I could do lots of travel. But AU inherently had a lot more opportunities, and perks like a Global Nomads program, Methodist group, lots of internship advisement, handy transportation (DC has a metro, an Amtrak stop, and an international airport with nearly direct flights to Saudi), and it would just be a more challenging and diverse environment. So… We chose American University!

By the way, WUSTL was out because it was really expensive, L&C was out because it was expensive and small with little internship advisement, and DU was out because meh.

This is the crazy weighing I was doing before I decided to just take a deep breath and wait for the answer to rise to the surface:


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