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To get into my residence hall, I swipe my card to unlock the door, then show my ID (and the yellow sticker that says I live on the North side) to the RA sitting at the front desk. Every time I flash my ID I remember either going through the gates at DHS or going through some Aramco gate. Sometimes the RA looks up and acknowledges that you showed your card. Sometimes if you forget to flash it, or they didn’t see, they’re like HEY HEY can I see your card? And sometimes they don’t even look up from their computer when when you come in. There’s one guy in particular who seems desperate to ignore anyone who goes in or out.

Anyway, I was going out to get a package, and as I was breezing past the desk, I recognized, coming from the laptop of one of the RA’s on duty, the voice of Dylan Saunders as Dumbledore. I stopped and smiled and said “A Very Potter Musical?” One of the RA’s lit up and she was like, “Yeah!” I peeked around at the laptop and said “I love it.” The happy RA gestured at the other one and said, “She hasn’t seen it yet, I’m making her watch it.” I said “Oh good! Have you seen the Sequel?” “Yeah, I’ve seen the Musical, and the Sequel, and I’ve seen Starship, I love them all.” I was grinning and I said, “I saw the cast this summer at LeakyCon.” I don’t know if she knew what LeakyCon is, but she was like, “Oh my gosh, that’s awesome! I’m so jealous!” I was still grinning, and then I was just like “Enjoy!” to the other RA, and I flitted out to get my package. A guy playing a ukulele entered the other hall in front of me.


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Monday is the first day of the week.   4 comments

I went to church last night in the Kay. It was really nice. The congregation was pretty small. I noticed some other freshmen. The acoustics made the piano, cello, and 3-person choir sound amazing. There was food and fellowship in the basement afterward, and that’s when I saw how much of a community the little congregation is. They love each other so much and they were having so much fun. I talked to another freshman there who i found out is a Global Nomad (although she had never heard of the term) most recently from Colorado. She said she was also more used to a contemporary service. She also used to write down in her planner the crazy things her AP Lit teacher said.

This morning I had my first class. Actually it was 1:10 PM to 2:25 PM. It was Deprivation of Liberty. There are only 12 students. I think I am one of the only freshmen, if not the only. I think it is going to be a really interesting class.

We had our second floor meeting last night. My roommate said that I made her day when I confided that I can’t tell the white boys apart.
I’m used to there being more variation between people’s looks, and variation between people’s names. On our floor we have at least two Emilys (and an Emma and a girl named Emily but she doesn’t go by that), at least two Amandas, and a Kate, a Katie, a Kathryn, and Caitlin. And pretty much all the boys have buzz cuts.

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I made a friend today because of my Quidditch shirt   4 comments

A few days ago, when Discover DC took us to the African American Civil War Memorial, I was looking at the names of thousands of soldiers that are engraved there, and one name in the 85th regiment stood out to me: “Rachel Tournais.” I asked the tour guide about it and she said that there were definitely women who dressed up as men to be in the army. Her name is so similar to mine, it’s funny…

I ran some errands today. I ran into some people I knew at the Tenley station while we were waiting for the train, and we rode together until Gallery Pl/Chinatown, where they transferred and I emerged. While we were waiting, a girl noticed my Quidditch shirt and commented on it, saying that her brother plays Quidditch at his college. We talked on the train the whole way and she told me to add her on Facebook. There are many duplicates of her name and I don’t know which one is her. But I gave her my phone number, so hopefully she will call me.

The hurricane did it’s worst yesterday. My umbrella turned inside out three times, like in movies, and it looks a tiny bit like it might be kinda broken, but that was the extent of the hurricane’s damage. Oh, and my shoes got soaked.

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Hurricane Irene   1 comment

Today, after convocation, I went to the Tenley Town CS to buy a splint for my wrist and some other things I needed. I felt very accomplished. But when I got back I realized that it was a left hand brace, so I went all the way back to switch it. When I left CVS the second time it was pouring rain, and I had forgotten my umbrella. I made it back safe, though soaking wet. I will have to go to Tenley Town again this weekend, or at least very soon, to get my phone fixed at Best Buy. I don’t think this is exactly what people mean by “Get off campus! Explore DC!” but it’s a start.

During both CVS trips I saw several people buying lots of bottled water. The first time I came back, I shared the elevator with two boys who had a giant crate of non-perishable food that they are going to stockpile in their dorm room.

All the emergency preparedness emails say to move all furniture away from windows. My roommate’s bed is right up against the window.

I think that being caught off-guard by the earthquake is making the administration hyper-careful about the tornado.

I will still be careful, of course.

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New Name   1 comment

So many things keep happening that I know I need to record, but I can’t decide whether to write them in my journal or chat them to my family on Facebook. I think that blog format will work.

The search is over, so this blog, which was formerly called “Rachel’s College Search Adventure” is being revived as “Rachel’s College Adventure.”

I’m going to post important big things as well as interesting little things that I can’t help but share.

A sample important big thing:
Last night’s Welcome Week activity was Quad After Dark, in which the quad was transformed into a carnival with popcorn, funnel cake, a giant slide, free stuff, a bouncy castle, and a bouncy obstacle course race. A girl from my hall convinced my to race against her on the bouncy obstacle course, even though I was wearing a skirt. It was fun, and I think we tied. The very last part was a slope, which, spur of the moment, I decided to go down on my stomach. So when I got to the bottom, and there were about two feet between the end of the slide and the ground, I put my hand out to beak my fall. I kind of hurt when I did that. Then I ran back to my residence hall to transfer my laundry, and I noticed in the laundry room that my wrist REALLY hurt, and my elbows were stinging and bleeding and dirty and I had a bouncy-obstacle-course-race-burn on my hip. This morning I made my first visit to the Student Health Center. The doctor said it was probably sprained, gave me some anti-inflamatory, and told me to get a sprint at CVS (and until then keep wearing the wrap my roommate lent me). It cost $20.

A sample interesting little thing:
Today was my last day of Discover DC, and my first day of pouring rain at college. We went to Dupont Circle, visited the organization DC Vote, ate lunch, met our tour guide, decided it was too rainy to go through with the Embassy Row walking tour and enjoy it at all, received walking tour coupons, decided to go to to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, and took the metro to the Mall. Inside, we decided to regroup in an hour. We all went to the Race exhibit, and everyone else eventually dispersed pretty quickly but I spent the hour there. At one point I was reading a display about how divisions in race are perceived differently in different cultures. An exchange student from Taiwan who was going to school at a university in some other state, I’ve forgotten, asked me to explain the display. He said he was practicing his English by reading the displays in the exhibit. I explained it, and I tried to clarify it a few times. He said that I explained it well, but his English was still poor enough that he didn’t think he understood the display completely. But he was really grateful, and I said I was was really happy that I could help a little bit. It was really cool.
I like talking to Asian-language-speaking people who are trying to get better at English. I met a Chinese grad student at the international ice cream social named Betty. She wanted to exchange phone numbers, so we did. I thought it was weird, but then I realized– they kinda don’t have Facebook in China. Exchanging phone numbers meant to her what friending on FB meant to me, and it was all cool. 🙂

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