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Today, after convocation, I went to the Tenley Town CS to buy a splint for my wrist and some other things I needed. I felt very accomplished. But when I got back I realized that it was a left hand brace, so I went all the way back to switch it. When I left CVS the second time it was pouring rain, and I had forgotten my umbrella. I made it back safe, though soaking wet. I will have to go to Tenley Town again this weekend, or at least very soon, to get my phone fixed at Best Buy. I don’t think this is exactly what people mean by “Get off campus! Explore DC!” but it’s a start.

During both CVS trips I saw several people buying lots of bottled water. The first time I came back, I shared the elevator with two boys who had a giant crate of non-perishable food that they are going to stockpile in their dorm room.

All the emergency preparedness emails say to move all furniture away from windows. My roommate’s bed is right up against the window.

I think that being caught off-guard by the earthquake is making the administration hyper-careful about the tornado.

I will still be careful, of course.


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  1. oh no rachel. make sure you have water

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