I made a friend today because of my Quidditch shirt   4 comments

A few days ago, when Discover DC took us to the African American Civil War Memorial, I was looking at the names of thousands of soldiers that are engraved there, and one name in the 85th regiment stood out to me: “Rachel Tournais.” I asked the tour guide about it and she said that there were definitely women who dressed up as men to be in the army. Her name is so similar to mine, it’s funny…

I ran some errands today. I ran into some people I knew at the Tenley station while we were waiting for the train, and we rode together until Gallery Pl/Chinatown, where they transferred and I emerged. While we were waiting, a girl noticed my Quidditch shirt and commented on it, saying that her brother plays Quidditch at his college. We talked on the train the whole way and she told me to add her on Facebook. There are many duplicates of her name and I don’t know which one is her. But I gave her my phone number, so hopefully she will call me.

The hurricane did it’s worst yesterday. My umbrella turned inside out three times, like in movies, and it looks a tiny bit like it might be kinda broken, but that was the extent of the hurricane’s damage. Oh, and my shoes got soaked.


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4 responses to “I made a friend today because of my Quidditch shirt

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  1. haha rachel that’s so cool. you have a secret twin who lived a long time ago and was a crossdresser!! speaking of which, i made claire read behemoth. you should read it.
    awesome rachel but wait, i thought i had your quidditch shirt
    i’ve always wanted that to happen to me!! the umbrella thing!! awesome!! maybe you can get a prettier one now!! for the next hurricane!!
    we’ve been walking in a lot of sand/dust and my shoes are white now

    • yeah, and she was african american!
      when i retiiiiiire.
      you have my leakyCon shirt šŸ™‚
      it’s still functional.
      oh no, you did with your new shoes what i did with my new shoes in jordan.

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