Monday is the first day of the week.   4 comments

I went to church last night in the Kay. It was really nice. The congregation was pretty small. I noticed some other freshmen. The acoustics made the piano, cello, and 3-person choir sound amazing. There was food and fellowship in the basement afterward, and that’s when I saw how much of a community the little congregation is. They love each other so much and they were having so much fun. I talked to another freshman there who i found out is a Global Nomad (although she had never heard of the term) most recently from Colorado. She said she was also more used to a contemporary service. She also used to write down in her planner the crazy things her AP Lit teacher said.

This morning I had my first class. Actually it was 1:10 PM to 2:25 PM. It was Deprivation of Liberty. There are only 12 students. I think I am one of the only freshmen, if not the only. I think it is going to be a really interesting class.

We had our second floor meeting last night. My roommate said that I made her day when I confided that I can’t tell the white boys apart.
I’m used to there being more variation between people’s looks, and variation between people’s names. On our floor we have at least two Emilys (and an Emma and a girl named Emily but she doesn’t go by that), at least two Amandas, and a Kate, a Katie, a Kathryn, and Caitlin. And pretty much all the boys have buzz cuts.


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4 responses to “Monday is the first day of the week.

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  1. Good, you can make friends there. I think AP lit teachers are all crazy.
    what is deprivation of liberty?? did you choose that class?

    • deprivation of liberty is about peoples experience in prison, and the injustice and corruptions and problems with the justice system. no, it was just a social studies class that fit and that could get one of my requirements out of the way

  2. rachel, you’re really good at writing blogs

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