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To get into my residence hall, I swipe my card to unlock the door, then show my ID (and the yellow sticker that says I live on the North side) to the RA sitting at the front desk. Every time I flash my ID I remember either going through the gates at DHS or going through some Aramco gate. Sometimes the RA looks up and acknowledges that you showed your card. Sometimes if you forget to flash it, or they didn’t see, they’re like HEY HEY can I see your card? And sometimes they don’t even look up from their computer when when you come in. There’s one guy in particular who seems desperate to ignore anyone who goes in or out.

Anyway, I was going out to get a package, and as I was breezing past the desk, I recognized, coming from the laptop of one of the RA’s on duty, the voice of Dylan Saunders as Dumbledore. I stopped and smiled and said “A Very Potter Musical?” One of the RA’s lit up and she was like, “Yeah!” I peeked around at the laptop and said “I love it.” The happy RA gestured at the other one and said, “She hasn’t seen it yet, I’m making her watch it.” I said “Oh good! Have you seen the Sequel?” “Yeah, I’ve seen the Musical, and the Sequel, and I’ve seen Starship, I love them all.” I was grinning and I said, “I saw the cast this summer at LeakyCon.” I don’t know if she knew what LeakyCon is, but she was like, “Oh my gosh, that’s awesome! I’m so jealous!” I was still grinning, and then I was just like “Enjoy!” to the other RA, and I flitted out to get my package. A guy playing a ukulele entered the other hall in front of me.


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    • the ukulele kid was just a random kid. i will probably never see him again.
      but look what someone posted on the wall of “HUGHES you daddy?!”, the FB group for Hughes hall:
      “Starkid references during the movie in Hughes 6 tonight really made me happy. We should gather at some point and watch Starkid stuff. :D”
      needless to say, i just friended that girl.

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