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If I had this exercise in Ms. Siam’s class, I would have jokingly answered as if “ma pays” was Saudi, and Ms. Siam would have chuckled. Or I would have answered about America, and felt totally confident doing it, and it would have been serious.
But doing this exercise, and then listening to how other students responded to it, I felt like I had no authority to be telling Lucienne anything. I don’t actually know what Americans love, or hate, or eat. I feel like a poser. I would have felt more comfortable answering about Saudi.

My Educational Psychology textbook had this story to illustrate schemata:
John was feeling bad today so he decided to go see the family doctor. He checked in with the doctor’s receptionist, then looked through several medical magazines that were on the table by his chair. Finally the nurse came and asked him to take off his clothes. The doctor was very nice to him. He eventually prescribed some pills for John. Then John left the doctor’s office and headed home.

The text says: You probably had no trouble understanding the passage because you have been to a doctor’s office yourself and you have a schema for how those visits usually go.

On the contrary, when I read that, I thought WHAT THE–
I imagined a nurse with her face covered saying, “John Smiss, eet seero seero fife seero tree. Please take off yoor close.”

On a similar note, I was so phased when I had to go to another BUILDING to pick up my prescription, and then they wanted me to PAY for my medicine, that I forgot I had a credit card.


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