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You will NOT believe what happened today!!!!!!!!!

Back story: for Discover DC, we had a guest speaker to open it and a guest speaker to close it. I love listening to people who talk interestingly, so these were like my two favorite parts of the whole thing. The first guy, Robert Egger left his parents at like age 17 to start a night club, which developed into DC Central Kitchen, the largest and most innovative charity kitchen in DC.
The second guy, Danny Harris, was a really interesting speaker, he made this website with stories of DC residents that he interviews. He’s really interested in the connections people have, and he likes to tell the story of DC through it’s people i can’t even express how cool his presentation was.

ANYWAY I was at Staples in Columbia Heights this morning, just buyin me some pocket folders and whiteboard markers and poster tape, and I TOTALLY SAW DANNY HARRIS! He was buying a whiteboard and a chalkboard! He had a cool hipster backpack with a tripod peeping out of the corner! He was taking to another cool-looking person. You don’t even understand, he is like a celebrity. I didn’t get up the nerve to talk to him, even though I was trying the whole time. I would have said, “Hey, are you the guy who interviews people?!?!?” (I couldn’t remember his name this morning, I had to look it up.) “I’m a freshman at American University!!! You talked at my school last week!!! Thank yo so much for doing that, your presentation was awesome!!!!”
And then he would have probably been like, “You seem like an interesting Voice of DC. Let me interview you, in Staples.”


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  1. hahah no way!! rachel that’s awesome! next time you’ll have the courage to talk to him

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