Labor Day   1 comment

I woke up this morning at around 8 and looked over and wondered why my roommate was still in bed. I asked her “Hey, when is your first class?” And she looked kind of shocked and was like, “Wait, what day is it?” Uhmmm the first day of the week. That would be– “Saturday!” Not in America, Rachel. “Oh wait. I mean Monday!” My roommate relaxed and said,”It’s Labor Day! We don’t have classes!” Oh. I totally didn’t know that.

Our Starkid showing has been postponed because of several uncontrollable circumstances, like 1. I don’t have the correct cable to hook my laptop to the TV and 2. Neither can I get into the library to see if I can borrow a projector because they are closed and 3. the combined clips didn’t save correctly on my USB and 4. not many people were aware that it was planned and 5. we just had a fire drill

I worked out in the gym today. It’s weird working out with boys there.

The thing about being a global nomad: I *look* American. If I looked foreign people might expect me to be weird. As it is, people are like “You look normal, we expect you to act normal.”


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  1. It’s ok, I don’t think you look normal.

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