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As I told Mamma in chat yesterday, I couldn’t go to the Monthly Movie with the Methodists or the Glee showing in the Tavern last night because I was at a baseball game that all honors students were invited to. We only had to pay $5 for what I think was a $30 ticket. It seemed like most honors students were planning on going, and we were supposed to go and fraternize with our Honors 101 groups, but I was one of about 12 people who actually went. And I was the only person from my 101 group. So few came because it was super rainy!

But it was really fun. I met new people, and learned a lot about baseball, and found out that they switch up the metro schedule (and even homogenize (that word really doesn’t fit but it technically kind of makes sense) the escalators to streamline crowds) for big events like baseball games.

I had math this morning. This sounds SO weird, but Great Ideas in Mathematics is kinda sorta almost my favorite of my classes right now. It’s so fun being the person who understands what’s going on, and it’s so fun inwardly rolling my eyes in frustration at the silly sophomores and juniors who don’t get it. It’s not because people in my class just have lower processing power or something– I’ve heard a few people moan that they wish they could move to calculus. It’s just that this works with my brain, and that’s fun.

Yesterday in math, we were doing a probability. The handout asked “Without asking everyone, do you think that two people in this class have the same birthday? Do you know that two people in this class have the same birthday? Explain your reasoning.”
I said “Yes, I think that two people in this class have the same birthday. Two girls made a birthday board for my floor, and there are a surprising number of shared birthdays, considering that there are only 55 people on the floor. There are 26 people in this class, so I think that it’s reasonable to guess that there would be at least one shared birthday. But you can’t know either way for sure because birthdays aren’t evenly distributed or anything.”
Most of the class was willing to bet that there would NOT be a shared birthday. One boy spoke up and said that he knew several people in the school who shared his birthday, so he thought that, even though it always surprises us, there are enough birthday overlaps that he would be willing to bet that there would be one in the room. The professor decided to put it to the test, and started having us say our birthdays, starting with the side of the room that I was on. Four girls said their birthdays, and no one from the rest of the class exclaimed that one was also their own. It was my turn, and I said, “February 12th,” and that boy who had spoken up before was like “WOO!” So, we only had to go through like 5 people before we found an overlap. BTW there is also a boy on my floor who shares my bday.

This evening (btw all relative date references are now off because it’s almost 1 AM but I still feel like it’s the 7th.) we had our first Floor Event. Our RA is really into political stuff, so we all sat in the lounge and watched the Republican debates live. It was really interesting. All I really knew about the Republican candidates before was that Jon Huntsman seemed cool, Perry seemed weird, and Michele Bachmann scared me. It was cool to find out that I’m not alone in my opinions of Huntsman, at least: people in the lounge shushed when he was talking, and agreed with what he was saying, and bemoaned the fact that, even though we all wish that the Republicans would choose him as their candidate, he won’t get picked because “He’s too reasonable! He’s too legitimate! for the Republicans” (To quote my RA.)


We discussed stuff afterward, and it was such a cool atmosphere and so many people had so many interesting and intelligent and applicable things to say, and everyone was civil and interested in what everyone else had to say. I spoke three times. My facebook status right now is “shocked to find out that I agree with Michele Bachmann about something.” In the debates, we heard that Bachmann thinks that parents should have a lot more control over what vaccines are given to their kids. So we talked about the vaccine stuff in our discussion. I talked about the conflict of interest, and how the lobbyists who have approved some controversial vaccines in the past have had lots of stock in the drug companies. Someone agreed with me and added that Perry, the governor of Texas who (for a few years) required girls in his state to get the HPV vaccine, had gotten a big campaign donation from from Merck, and that someone who worked for Merck and was pushing the vaccine used to work for Perry! Someone else talked about herd immunity, and how vaccines have such a great track record, and how it’s just rude to not get a vaccine because you’re endangering everyone else. And I COUNTERPOINTED. I said that flu is something that you can avoid, and it’s not that big a deal anyway, and that remaking the flu vaccine every year has caused the virus to mutate. I also said that you can’t say that all vaccines are bad or that all vaccines are good– and that there are some diseases that it makes sense to have immunizations against.

by the way, wish i had this for my factoid 5…

Later we talked about foreign stuff, particularly how the US has or hasn’t been getting involved in the Middle East and North Africa uprisings (and other turmoils in Africa and Middle East) and I just put in the tidbit that the US didn’t want to get involved in Bahrain because their (our, I guess) only Middle East naval base is in Bahrain. I also said that, even though not a lot of the news was getting to the US, the violence and oppression in Bahrain was pretty bad, and comparable to other countries’ turmoils around the same time. Because it sounded like people were saying “Oh, there were so many evil dictators killing their people! Oh and Bahrain had a little burp.”

Behind the scenes: when our discussion moved to vaccination, I started getting nervous and fidgety. When I realized in my head that I had something to say, my heart started beating faster. When I realized that I was going to say it, my heart was pounding and I could hear it and my face was burning. And then I said my first bit, and I stumbled over my words and I gasped for breath and barely kept my heart from coming out of my throat. But I said it, and I had such a surge of epinephrine and norepinephrine, and I couldn’t help it, I spoke again. And then Bahrain came up later and I chemically had to say something. Then my heart stopped pounding so much, and I started shivering. My body was literally shaking. It still is, but not as bad now. It’s been two hours since we left the lounge (it’s 1:34 AM) and I still feel really hyper, not tired at all. My roommate has already gone to bed and I am still up. That is a first.

There were so many people in the lounge, and I don’t know them very well, and they spoke so eloquently.

I feel the way I felt after our international day performance 😛 except this was more interesting.

I’m going to try to go to sleep now.


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  1. I am thrilled that you are expanding your comfort zone and having new cool experiences. In addition to the adrenaline rush, I get cold sweats. The tragedy is when people allow these metabolic responses cause them to hide in a shell. When I was staying with my good friends, Patti and Bruce Golob in Denver, I told Patti that she was an inspiration to me. She has a tendency to say and do things that might be construed as silly, poor taste, or embarrassing. When she asked me to clarify, I told her that I have a belief that, a life without being embarrassed is a life un-lived. She got a kick out of that.

    • That’s funny Daddy haha. That’s a very Daddy thing, you would say that 🙂

      The funny thing though is that the adrenaline was making me talk more. I was probably not making sense but I was talking a lot. But it did make it really hard to talk at first.

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