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I just got back from the retreat! It was so so so fun πŸ™‚

The 26 of us packed into three vans at 7 Friday evening and headed up to these cabins right on the edge of Shenandoah National Park that are owned and sometimes rented out by the University Chaplain, Joe. I rode up in the the fanciest van because some upperclassmen enlisted me to be their token freshman, because they would get in trouble if there were only upperclassmen in the fancy van. A girl who is in my French class, and who runs the Social Justice section of UMSA, said earlier that one of the points of the fall retreat is so to make freshmen think that the older kids are not scary. The ride up was really fun. I don’t think I’d ever been on a school trip before where the vehicle was driven by another student.

We stopped at Panera for dinner.

We got to the cabins around 7. We sat around a camp fire and talked and laughed and sang stupid songs and ate s’mores. It was SUPER cold, but it was warm by the fire. Then we went inside and some of us played mafia until 2 am. I and a few other people (little freshmen) went to sleep then, but I heard that mafia went on ’till 3.

We woke up around 11 and had pancakes. Then we chilled by the campfire (that’s an oxymoronic pun) some more and had a little lesson thing and some reflection and singing. Then we packed up and cleaned up and drove to the trail head. The hike was really beautiful and fun. It was so cold but walking warms you up a lot. We stopped a couple times along the trail and just hung out. After the hike, we ate sandwiches and stuff near the parking lot. Then we piled in the vans again (most people switched up but I somehow was once more the token freshman in the fancy van. One of the vans was called The Vanne because it was driven by a girl named Anne.) We listened to the radio and tried to sing some of the songs, and Total Eclipse of the Heart came on and we sang it.

I found out that one of my freshman friends is an AVPManiac, so she’s coming to our thing, whenever it happens.

I met a girl from Savannah (15 minutes away from Grandma’s house!), who studied abroad in Syria, and has been learning Arabic. I remember that she was at the social justice meeting and she said something like, “i think we should do more, we usually just do this one thing and khallas. finished.”
I did an auditory double take.

I had fun taking pictures πŸ™‚

I found out that another one of the freshmen girls is from Colorado (that makes three.)

It really was a retreat. I can tell because it felt like forever and it felt like we had left only two minuted ago when we pulled back into the parking lot. And I felt like I was stepping into a different world when I stepped out of the elevator onto my floor. It was especially funny because I said goodbye to all the Hughes 5 freshmen who were on the retreat as they left the elevator, including one boy whose twin brother lives on my floor. Then I got out on my floor and the first thing I saw was his brother sleeping on the couch outside the lounge.


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