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nanny nanny boo boo
We were SO excited two years ago when she recorded a personal video message for us to see at the EduCare conference. And it was ridiculously awesome to see her and hear her speak. I didn’t really know her story before, but she told it, and it’s great. Look it up, it’s like a novel. She speaks so beautifully and intelligently.

The girl who sits behind me in math class is from Haiti, and the girl who sits behind and to the right of me is from Togo. They speak French to each other sometimes, and I listen and am thrilled to understand a lot. I’m learning math vocab by eaves dropping. One way to say “equals” is “est égal à,” but I think there are more common ways. There are some things you say in other Francophone countries, but not in France.

Anyway, I was reading an old AWOL (American Way of Life) magazine, and I recognized a picture of the Togolese girl in an article. The article was all about the crazy political stuff that is going on in Togo, and how corrupt and violent and oppressive the government is, and how people like this girl in my math class are fighting against the government.
Yesterday at the end of math class I was like “looool i saw you in a magazine!!!!!!11!!” And then we talked (actually, she talked, and I listened, dumbstruck) for half an hour about the situation in Togo. She told me that since the article was written last spring, there had been a failed military coup. Now the people involved in the coup are on trial. My classmate said that some of her fellow opposition members are divided on how they see the failed coup. At first glance you might think that they would be happy to have had the old government fall, but then you realize that this new one would have been just as bad. The trial is also ironic because the current “president” gained power because of a coup. He says he’s a president, but he wasn’t really elected and has been ruling for quite a while. Yeah, he’s one of those guys… The craziest thing is that there’s very little knowledge about this outside of the country, even thought the government is totally corrupt, and ruining the people, and killing off opposition. Other countries like France have business with the corrupt Togolese government, and so won’t do anything about it. My classmate is actually really involved in the opposition. The government released a video saying that she must be a savage for working against men, and threatened to kill her and her family. Yeah.
She says people ask her why she’s still fighting, and she says it’s because she doesn’t have any other choice. She sometimes laughs at the really ridiculous situations. People ask her why she laughs and she says that if you’ve grown up with it your entire life, you have to laugh at the most ridiculous things.


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