I Just Wrote Nearly This Entire Entry, and Then I Thought, Maybe I Should Save it as a Draft Now Because it’s so Long, and I Wouldn’t Want to Loose it All. So I Hit “Save As Draft” and then it was Deleted. AKML   2 comments

Yeah. Ok i’ll try to it again with just as  much exuberance XP
Here goes.

So much busyness!
On Friday I went to three classes, then I went to Tenly Town with a lot of people from my floor. We ate at Chipotle then watched the freshman student showcase, a play in the Greenburg Theater (which belongs to AU). It was amazingly done, and really fun. About 25% of the cast was from my floor. Then we got milkshakes. Then I went back to campus and met some friends at the Tavern to watch X-Men: First Class, which was screening there. It was really cool. I realized that Heroes is totally copied off of X-Men. Totally. Then I went to bed, around 1.

On Saturday I went to Chinatown to meet my Virginia friend (i feel weird not saying names. haha.) and her aunt and uncle and cute baby cousin. We had lunch, and it was really cool to see her. I went back to campus and did a few hours of homework. I ate dinner at TDR with some friends from church, then we went to Bethesda to watch The Lion King in 3D. It was much more awesome than I expected it to be. During caaaaaaaaaan you FEEL the loooooooooove tonight, Nala makes a super seductive face at Simba, as seductive as a cartoon cat can get, and my friend sitting next to me was like “dayum!” Then we walked back to campus instead of taking the bus, and sang a bit, naturally.

Today a friend on my floor and I went to the Mall for the National Book Festival. It hadn’t started yet when we got there, so we spent  a few hours at the Air and Space museum. It was really cool. My favorite part was this little art exhibit full of space- and rocket- and astronaut-related art.  We went back to the Book Festival and listened to an apparently famous author lady read the first chapter of her in-progress book. It was very funny. The Book Fest wasn’t actually as entertaining as the museum, but cool all the same. The only authors whose names I recognized on the list were Tomy DePaola and Garrison Keillor, but the timing wasn’t right for us to see either of them. Then we went back to campus and I did a few hours of homework. Then I went to church. Afterwards, we were waiting in line for tacos and two of the girls with whom I saw the Lion King were behind me and I heard them singing songs from it and deciding that the girl-who-exclaimed-in-the-theater’s crush on Simba is bestiality. I met a girl I had never seen before, which is strange because she lives a floor above me.

This weekend, I have had the pleasure of speaking with three (maybe four) nerdfighters. I skyped with Danielle on Saturday which was super fun. My Virginia friend is a nerdfighter.  When we were eating in TDR, the-girl-who-exclaimed said sheepishly that she has stayed up all night reading a YA novel. The other girl said, don’t be embarrassed, YA novels are good, and that she was excited for a YA novel that she had preordered. Rachel thought, no way, and said breathlessly: “What is is called?” The girl said “The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.” And I was like OMG ME TOOOO!! ARE YOU A NERDFIGHTER? She said yeah and we both did clumsy nerdfighter salutes. The other two girls stared blankly as we chatted for a few seconds about Looking for Alaska and Hanklerfish and Leakycon and The Yeti and the Swindontown Swoodleypoopers.
The maybe fourth was the cashier at the Air and Space museum. He either really likes the color custard yellow, or he really likes giraffes who like giraffes, or he is really friendly, or he is a nerdfighter, because as I was paying him for my glow-in-the-dark stars, he said, “Your shirt is awesome.” (I like to imagine that he said it meaningfully.)I smiled and said “Thank you!” and he said, “Here you go!” and I said, “Thanks!” and he said, “You have a very nice day,” and I said,”Thank you. You too!”


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2 responses to “I Just Wrote Nearly This Entire Entry, and Then I Thought, Maybe I Should Save it as a Draft Now Because it’s so Long, and I Wouldn’t Want to Loose it All. So I Hit “Save As Draft” and then it was Deleted. AKML

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  1. Dood, Rachel, you are so lucky!
    I have only ever met a nerdfighter like that in my wildest dreams!
    You have too much fun..

    • Do you think the cashier was a nerdfighter? i feel like tweeting at john or hank :OMG i think i met a nerdfighter but i was tooo shy to assskkkk waaaa. will you please help me find the cashier from the air and space museum!??!?!?!?!?
      HE he you can have fun too when you’re old like me 🙂

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