Strange experience. This isn’t important, just weird.   2 comments

I have a super busy week.
I went to sleep late last night and was really tired this morning. I was falling asleep–actually falling asleep– in math until I figured out that doodling kept me awake. So i drew this:









(I was doodling and drifting in and out of consciousness while the prof was reviewing something. Somehow I was still absorbing it and once I woke up long enough to mumble/shout the answer to a question that had the rest of the class stumped. That was weird and I laughed in my head.)
After math I was whining at myself and wondering how everyone else seems to run around on so little sleep. Then I realized: caffeine. Only once before in my life have I tried to use caffeine to keep myself awake at school. That was at DSA, and I drank a bottle of fake iced tea. I started shaking and buzzing and it was so weird that I kind of decided not to try that again. But this morning, I really didn’t want to fall asleep in my classes. So I went to the Dav (the campus coffee shop) and got an iced coffee. I started drinking as psych started it tasted like turpentine fumes and stomach acid. And gingerbread. At first I kept doodling to stay awake. Then the coffee kicked in and I started vibrating and flushing. (I felt similar to my public-speaking adrenaline rush.) For the rest of the day, I have been worried when I’m talking to people that they are getting freaked out because I feel like my eyes are rolling in their sockets and my limbs are spasming and I’m shouting nonsense syllables.

Then I came home and talked to Mommy about alternative allergy meds. She said that one possible concern about this one one was that it had capsaicin, and she wondered if I would be sensitive to that because it it an alkaloid (and alkaloids are the toxins in solanaceae aka nightshades). Then she mused that my sensitivity might just make the medicine work better for me.

Then I saw on Wikipedia that caffeine is an alkaloid.

Maybe my sensitivity does mean that the reaction people would normally have to whichever specific alkaloid is super magnified.


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2 responses to “Strange experience. This isn’t important, just weird.

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