I’m having such a fun day   2 comments

Je me suis reveille a 7h00, mais je ne me suis pas leve jusqu’a 8h00.

After math I stayed a bit to ask the prof some questions because some of the concepts we have learned seemed weirdly familiar to things that L vaguely remember learning the LAST time I had math, two years ago. I asked if finding equivalent radians is an application of modular arithmetic and if the Pigeon Hole Principle is related to functions. And he was like, totally! And he explained it on the board and it was really cool because both of the things that I remembered from math at DHS, I just barely remembered. Because I didn’t really understand them. It says a lot that I can remember Mr. Carreon ramming the property of a function into my brain, and I can remember some of the wording, but I couldn’t remember the point of a function. And then Mr. Skukalek showed how it was related to what we learned in these past weeks, and suddenly what I learned two years ago MADE SENSE. And the radians thing, I never understood that at DHS– I just had to take Mr. Carreon’s word for it, and and cram some rules and formulas into my working memory before every quiz. But now I understand it. SO cool.
Mr. Skukalek asked, “What are you studying?” and I said, “Um psychology. Maybe. Probably. So far.” And he said I should think about a math minor and I laughed and I said, “Ha well the thing is, I’m not good at math.” And he LAUGHED. Like, guffawed. And I said, “I failed my math placement exam! That’s why I’m in this class! I was originally going to be in stats.” And he made this flabbergasted face, like, you whated your what? And he said “Wow, well that says something about the placement exam, because you are good at math.”
I got that weird feeling , the same one I got when I got PE award and the French award…

THEN I went to Kay to meet with the Methodist chaplain and my co-PR person. We went to get lunch and talked about PR stuff and it was so funnnnn. I’m so excited. Me and my co-PR person get to manage the Methodist twitter, and the fb group and the fb page!!! And put up posters and chalk the sidewalks! And I have an official PR email address! fun fun fun

Then I had french. We have to present on a controversial topic, and me and my partner are going to do l’interdiction du voile integral en France.

Then I went to Tenley with my honors 101 group. blah blah. I went to Whole foods for kombucha. Right now, at least, they don’t have the brand we are used to. I have tried both other brands, and one is too sweet and the other is too watery 😛 but it’s ok.




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  1. Yeah, you should become a mathematician! That would be so cool. You do so much fun stuff!!!
    And good topic, for your frenchie thing.

    • I could be like Daniel Biss (or whatever his name is), resident brotherhood 2.0 mathematician.
      Not really though. There are people who took AP maths and enjoyed them who are not even going to be mathematicians.
      YOUR FACE does so much fun stuff!!!!
      Merci 🙂

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