Today is “thursday” (what americans call the day that is, in practical terms, tuesday. Because tuesday is the second to last day of the week. american’s call is thursday)   2 comments

I had lunch with the other global nomad on my floor. We vented. It was nice. We told funny stories about language and customs and culture. I told the story about how the white boy from India took a taxi home from a party, and the Hindi-speaking driver had no idea where he was going so he called his friend for directions while insisting in English that he knew exactly where he was going, and when they finally made it to the compound, the boy payed, but before he left he thanked the driver in Hindi. The driver’s eyes widened as he realized that the boy had understood his frantic phone call. My friend told a story about living in China and going somewhere on a field trip and waiting in line and hearing middle-aged men talk about the foreign girls on the field trip in a way that they knew that the men assumed that they were not being understood. Most of the girls only knew enough Chinese to know to feel uncomfortable, but one blue-eyed, blond-headed girl who spoke fluent mandarin turned around and cussed out the men in Chinese, rendering their faces to look similar to that of the Indian taxi driver.
She also talked about how whatever country her dad teaches in soon has a military coup.
But global nomads don’t know everything. Living and learning out of the States has dispelled lots of ignorance and stereotypes, but America isn’t the only place that has stereotypes. Like an Asian-looking boy on my floor with a Spanish name, I assumed he was Fillipino, but I just found out he’s Japanese-Brazilian? Global nomads. We think we know everything, but we don’t. We just know more than normal Americans 😉

I’m going to lend my friend the Global Nomads book when I’m done, I think she will like it.

OH there is another girl on my floor who lived in Japan for like the first half of her life.

On a different note.
I wore my Quidditch t-shirt today 🙂 it sparked an excited little Pottermore discussion at the beginning of Deprivation of Liberty. It sparked a funny little wizard rock conversation while me and my partner-in-french-presentation were working in the library. It sparked lots of looks of awe and comments of admiration when we were passing the peace in church. When we were munching on the leftover communion bread after the service, the chaplain/reverend guy was like, “Lolol that’s funny because that’s exactly what the logo would look like if there was an International Quidditch Association.” I made an are-you-crazy face and I was like “There IS!”

Gotta go wash grape juice off the white part of the logo XP


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2 responses to “Today is “thursday” (what americans call the day that is, in practical terms, tuesday. Because tuesday is the second to last day of the week. american’s call is thursday)

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  1. hahahaha awesome story. don’t you mean “sunday” thursday is what americans call saturday…
    😦 you are such a lucky beast. i wish i could wear harry potter shirts to school 😛
    i like how the people at your school are so cool
    and you are just a spreader of harry potter culture. that must be so fulfilling.

    • For a second I was like, what was I thinking?? But then i realized what i was thinking. I explained my title better. there.
      can you sew little harry potter logos onto your polos?
      i’m not spreading it, it’s already spread 😛 pretty much. but admittedly i know more about the fandom than most people i’ve run into. YOU are a spreader.

      I just saw a girl in the blue nerdfighter shirt. i said “I LOVE UR SHIRT.” and she was like “THANKS!” i need to get in the habit of saying something like, “I love your shirt! dftba!” i just don’t have the coordination to do the salute on a whim like that. people would think i was flipping them off or something.

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