Coolio Weekend   2 comments

Having freshman friends is awesome, definitely.
But having big kid friends is also awesome. Very awesome.
As evidenced by the album I posted on Facebook yesterday, two friends from church (sophomores, so they’re cool. haha jk they would be cool even if they were not sophomores), the girl with whom I’m doing PR and the girl who’s an art history major (I went to Starbucks with both of them a few weeks ago) (see, dan, this is the kind of crazyness i was complaining about :P) invited me (and others, but I was the only one who could come) to go with them to this awesome craft fair in Adams Morgan. It was so cool! And Adams Morgan is real nice, too!
And today, the art history major one invited me to go with her to the Turkish Festival! That was also really fun. I got to say “teşekkür ederim” once when we got food, and “merhaba” (yeah, i didn’t know it was spelled like that) once when (I think) a vendor lady mistook me for Turkish (cool!) and said “Merhaba!” so I said it back and giggled to myself and slunk away before she realized that I was an impostor!
We also got to hear traditional Turkish music and a Turkish pop singer who was apparently a big deal.

ALSO today, the artsy friend showed me where the art supply store is! It’s called Utrecht and it’s a lot like Guiry’s 🙂


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2 responses to “Coolio Weekend

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  1. You are so cool.
    GAAAA I wanna go to a Turkish festival. I wish I could go to TIMUN this year. I’m really sad. I wanna go to Turkey.

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