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OMG! I just manipulated my psych professor’s subconscious!

I submitted a paper to him over email last Friday– or I thought I did, but he JUST emailed me to say that the paper was not attached. I was annoyed at myself for forgetting, but also a tiny bit annoyed at him for not telling me before. If he had responded soon after I sent the email on Friday, I could have totally still gotten it in on time.

Anyway, I just sent the paper with this message:
Oh my gosh! Shoot, I’m so sorry. I should have checked when I didn’t get a confirmation email. Here it is. I understand if I’m penalized for being late. 
Thanks for letting me know, 

See how the explicit message is that it was my fault. But I subliminally implied that he should have sent a confirmation email! Even though I didn’t say that explicitly 😉

I didn’t think it would work, but he just emailed me back saying that there will be no penalty!  Even though the paper was technically four days late.

Still, I will never make that mistake again.



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