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On Monday, I went with some friends from church to an Ethiopian restaurant. It was a tiny bit similar to how Arabic food is served, because everyone eats with their hands out of a big communal dish on a low table. It was really fun. We walked there, and we’ve been having a cold spell (high of 52 on Sunday), so it was a fun but frigid walk.

Tuesday was the Monthly Movie with the Methodists, the first event that me and my partner in PR publicized. I realized that I really really like True Grit. It is SO funny. And Danielle can attest to the fact that I also love this satirical True Grit trailer: IT’S SO FUNNY

Today there was a freshman Honors event. It was a panel of professors talking about  Envisioning Our World Through the Eyes of Dr. Martin Luther King. It was interesting and I had an interesting conversation afterward. Some of the professors were complaining that our generation isn’t mobilizing for any causes. (“When I was your age, everyone was in the streets! We were marching for what we believed in and getting arrested and everything!”) But a girl in my Honors 101 group pointed out that our generation has so many different important issues, and that a lot of people are very loyal to a particular issue, so the effort is kind of spread out over these different issues. A couple generations ago, the civil rights movement had it’s moment, and the women’s rights issue had it’s moment, and the environmentalist movement kind of had a moment (or a radical bit in a moment that is continuing). So are we supposed to choose between social equality and economic justice and environmentalism and the other things, choose which one is worth coming together for? Because all of those things are kinda crucial right now. Would choosing one be betraying the others? Would it be better to let one rise to the top naturally?
Anyway, that’s what we were talking about, and it was fun.

After that, we had our first scheduled floor event: we walked to Tenley campus and ate in the dining hall there. It’s kinds of a mythical place, because it’s rumored that the food is much better than TDR. I thought it was pretty similar. People may have been excited about steak or something. But it was nicer, if only because there wasn’t terrible radio blasting.

I have had two tests this week which I think I did well on 🙂


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