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Ooops because I guilted mama into subscribing to my blog and then didn’t write anything for more than a week. Sorry! : P

Last last Friday, a bunch of Methodists went to Dupont Circle. We had Krispy Kream (hot off the conveyor belt) and frozen yogurt from Mr. Yogato, and we went to a cool bookstore called Kramer Books, where I saw cool books like these:

Last Saturday (not today) a bunch of Methodists cleaned up this park/forest area thing down the road as a part of this:
I found a pager, a big ol’ seashell, a whiteboard marker, and fireworks. Other people also found license plates, make-up, couch cushions, tires, motor oil, nice shoes, a car battery, and a half disintegrated wooden golf club. Apparently we didn’t beat last year’s findings though, which included an entire outfit all in one place…

Tuesday I helped a girl who is probably a sophomore or junior with math homework. Whaat? She said she will hire me to tutor her. Whaaaaaat? Gotta think about this he he he :O

Wednesday we watched AVPM! There was a good turnout and everyone had fun! The day before, a friend and I went RedVine hunting, but we couldn’t find any and bought Twizlers instead : ( it’s ok, though, I wrote “RedVines” on the bags in sharpie… Everyone there pretty much agreed that we will do AVPS soon (dan, you will likely need to tell me how to download movies again XP ). It could not have been perfect of course, and there was one little fail on my part: the segment with Dumbledore dying was missing, and we didn’t realize until Harry started singing about how much he missed him… Oops.
OH and before that, a few people went to Dupont to use these vouchers for FREE SMALL FROYO WITH UNLIMITED TOPPINGS from Mr. Yogato! Awesomeness!

On Thursday I went with a friend (who’s mom treated us both because it was my friend’s birthday) to Les Miserables at the Kennedy Center. It was… There are no words. But it was spectacular.
Ok wow. I just skimmed a review of the show be someone who was not a star-struck as I was. Maybe I just like Victor Hugo <– my fav musicals are Notre Dame de Paris and Les Miserables. Hmmmm…

Then I made it back for the last half of our DREAM Sabbath, which was nice, but I do wish I could have seen the whole thing, of course.

Yesterday I partied all day with Uncle and Aunt! We went to The Phillips Collection, especially the Degas exhibit. Then we went to the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Today we did the same thing, but at the National Gallery of Art and the Hirshhorn Museum and it’s sculpture garden. When I walk that much, me feet and knees and shins hurt. And when I see that much art, my brain hurts. But while I’m looking at one art, it makes my heart feel good. So.
We also ate good food, like and Yum yum.

Today on the metro a family with a mom and dad and two little boys ran to get on the train before the doors closed. They closed cleanly behind the dad and one of the boys and the mom, and shut the littler boy out. The mom grabbed the doors before they were all the way closed, and tried to pull them open enough for her son to slip through. The dad and a few other people helped her hold the doors for a few seconds, because they are kind of supposed to open back up if something is blocking them. But they wouldn’t open any wider. There were a few inches. A lady ran up to the little boy outside the train and asked for the parents’ cell number through the tiny crack, and said that she would take the boy on the next train and meet them at the next stop.
The parents seemed to handle it fine, but it was just such a dramatic situation. It was striking.


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  1. I’m catching up on your blog – and just had to laugh! In 2000 at Amy’s wedding reception someone said that a speck of wedding cake (or something) was missing and then Karen told me that you sampled the icing – and did not like it at all – it was toooooooooooooo sweet! Krispy Creme donuts! What a Savannah treat when warm off the conveyer! I read back the last month and a half. it sounds as if you are having an amazing experience and are such a gifted student! Can’t wait to see how your life plays out. So much to look forward to – amazing.

    Amy was involved with the Methodists Group on campus her 4 years of undergrad. She loved it.

    We love you and are so glad you are having such an awesome experience – you are making it happen!

    Aunt Terry and Uncle Jim

    Uncle Jim and Aunt Terry
    • Hahaha : D that’s a funny story!
      Yep! As we were walking to get the donuts, I was telling my friend about how it reminded me of Savannah!
      Thank you– I am having so much fun.

      I love you too! ❤

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