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I mentioned in the last post that MBTI tests don’t accurately show the degree of my preferences, because I know the questions too well.
I was not at all worried that I might get something unexpected when they handed us the results of our MBTI tests.

Before they did, though, they had us do some exercises to demonstrate the different dichotomies. To show N/S, one of the adviser guys  said, “Write a paragraph about rain.”
“Great,” I though, “I have to write something really creative and abstract. They will expect sentimental stuff from the N’s and a description of the water cycle from the S’s.”
So I wrote like some stream of consciousness  stuff. And it was a good thing I did, because when we were done, he asked another girl and I to read our paragraphs.
Hers was a straightforward and well-organized description of the water cycle. She even hit on acid rain and drought. I was super impressed at the guessing skills of the adviser guy, because he had happened to chose a very representative S and a very representative N as victims. Then I read mine, and everyone was like, wow. If I was in that room and was not yet convinced about the authenticity of MBTI, that would have done it for me.

Then I realized that the adviser guy was looking at our result sheets, and probably chose that girl and I because we were the strongest S and the strongest N, respectively. (At least I looked like the strongest N. But that is probably just because I was cheating.)

For P/J, they put us into groups and told us that we had just learned that a spot had opened up in a research trip to the Galapagos Islands that we were interested in, and that we were leaving in two days. We were supposed to write down everything we would do to prepare. We were the J group, and we were making fun of ourselves, how super-prepared we were. But then the other groups presented, and their lists were just like ours : P
I think it was a faulty prompt, because even P’s will be responsible and stuff if you tell them to.

Then they handed out a packet that summarized each of Keirsey’s temperaments. I was snrking to myself with surprise because the NF page listed “seductive” as a quality. HHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAH I can see what they mean, but I had just never seen it put exactly that way heeehhehehh : P
It also says “gives strokes freely.” What does that mean???!?!?

I went to the library for a tutoring session, and I was the first one there so I went to claim a table. There was only one open one, so I took it even though it was right next to another table where a boy was tutoring another boy. We get kind of loud, and I didn’t want to disturb them, but there was nowhere else.
One of the girls I tutor arrived, and we finished pretty quickly because we had finished all but two problems on Monday. Then the other girl came and we went through the problems together while the first girl was finishing writing some notes. I had the questions up on a word document on my computer on the table. The guys at the other table asked us what class we were in, and one of the girls told them Great Ideas in Mathematics. One of the guys smiled and was like, “Ahh Keynes?” and we were like, no, Skukalek. And they said “Oh, well Keynes teaches Great Ideas too. We’re in his class and he was telling us that his Great Ideas class was doing the same thing as us, but in less depth.” I got all excited and asked what their class was called, and they said Infinity, Game Theory, and Fractals. They said that what we were talking about sounded just like what they were doing, and that they looked over at my computer and thought, is that our homework? One of the guys said something about aleph naught, and I said, “We learned about aleph naught and aleph one a few classes ago, and the prof was talking about how there’s even more than that, but we didn’t go into that– you guys are going into that???” “Yeah, there’s aleph two and three and infinite sizes of infinity!” “WOW… I wanna take that class.” One of my students laughed and was like, we know you do.
It was so cool. I was geeking out : )


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  1. “I was snrking to myself with surprise because the NF page listed “seductive” as a quality. HHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAH I can see what they mean, but I had just never seen it put exactly that way heeehhehehh : P”

    they sure got that right 😉

    “It also says “gives strokes freely.” What does that mean???!?!?”

    hahahahhaha wouldn’t you like to know! ;]

  2. whoahhhh when i google “gives strokes freely,” your blog is the fifth thing that comes up

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