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On Monday I passed a girl on the way to class whose shirt, i registered after she had gone, said “RedVines: What the Hell Can’t They Do?” I decided not to tell Danielle because I expected that she would be mad that I missed an opportunity to comment on an AVPM shirt. But then, as I was leaving class and going back to my dorm, I saw the same girl. I said “I love your shirt!” and she said thanks.

Last night I had a zombie apocalypse dream. There was lots and lots of running from zombies. It wasn’t very scary. I finally got nipped on my hand by a zombie, and I wondered if that was enough to turn me into  a zombie myself. I stopped in a school to have a scientist lady check out my hand. She was like, “Yep, that’ll do it” and I was like, “Darn.” I asked her who was in the locked room she was guarding. She said it was her true love, who had been turned into a zombie. She was keeping him in there until she could come up with a cure for zombieism. I said, “Cool” and ran on. I decided that I should find a place to hang out until I zombified and then died, somewhere where I wouldn’t be bothered. I remembered that there was this abandoned industrial complex area thing nearby that I used to play in before the zombie problem. I was looking around, and then I realized that it wasn’t as abandoned as I remembered it being. I went around the corner and saw that there was massive construction going on in an enclosed area. Then I remembered that I had been an official in the organization that was doing the construction, so I walked through the gates without being stopped. I wanted to find out what the construction was for. I came across an amazing building that I realized was a kind of self-sufficient zombpocalypse bunker, but it was AMAZING. It was really big, for a bunker, and could fit a large family comfortably. The inside was beautiful, and so high-tech that it felt magical. It was a cube, and the walls and everything were dark jewel colors. The back fourth was a pool. I couldn’t see through the water, but I saw that there was a shark with five dorsal fins swimming inside, and its fins would rise out of the water occasionally. I went and sat down in a bed/nook/chair. I was awe-struck, and I realized that this was the prototype bunker, and that soon all the surviving families would have their own bunkers in which to wait out the zombpocalypse… Then I dreamed that it had all just been a movie that I was watching, and the movie ended. A friend and I went outside and walked around in an abandoned industrial complex area thing, and we realized that this was where the movie was filmed.

I go to church on Sundays at 7pm and Thursdays at 11pm. I wasn’t going to go to the Thursday services, because they are so late, but I went to one and I was impressed at how it often works: sometimes the Thursday services are an opportunity for students to give lessons if they want, but usually the pastor lets someone shout out a verse that they want a lesson on, or if there are no requests, he lets someone thumb through the Bible and choose a verse randomly. And then he improvises a sermon. It’s kind of thrilling to watch, because it’s like extreme improv sermoning. I’ve never picked a verse, because I feel bad thinking that I might choose something too hard. But last Thursday, the pastor gave the Bible to a girl to pick a verse. She chose A GENEALOGY. Hahaha you should have seen the pastor’s face! The congregation was all laughing and oh-no-you-didn’t-ing. But he did it! And it was a really good sermon! He pwned it! It was impressive, and now I don’t think I’ll be as hesitant to suggest something if I want to. lol.
Afterward, the chaplain was like, as an after thought, “You  know what I should have said, Sarah? ‘Challenge accepted.'”


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I though, “I need to post about my Halloween weekend.” then I though, “why do I have the overwhelming feeling that I have already written about that??” then I realized, “Oh, I did: i just wrote it in French, and for an assignment.”

So here it is, because I don’t feel like writing it again:

Salut, Mme Lang,
Le weekend passé j’étais très OQP. Vendredi, j’assisté à une fête mystère assassiner. CT très drôle, et j’ai eu bcp de plaisir. Samedi, une amie et moi, nous sommes allées au Bethesda pour acheter des choses pour nos costumes d’Halloween à une friperie. J’ai rien trouvé pour mon costume—mais j’ai acheté une robe et plusieurs jupes ! Monica a changé son costume—elle a décidé d’être Audrey Hepburn au lieu d’un ouragan, et elle a acheté une belle robe. Nous avions marché dans la pluie pour y arriver, mais quand nous sommes parties, il neigeait ! Ça fait un bail que j’ai vu de neige ! le soir, j’ai joué des jeux de société avec plusieurs autres filles. Dimanche, j’ai acheté les dernières choses pour mon costume, et je l’ai construit. Le soir, ch’uis allée a l’église. Le lundi, j’ai pas eu un class jusqu’à 1h, donc je me suis habillée dans ma costume, et je suis allée trick-or-treat a l’Embassy Row avec Monica ! Mon costume était un robot.
Avez-vous remarqué ? Mon weekend n’a pas inclus de devoir. C pour quoi je serai très OCP pendant cette semaine !
Rachel Ternes

Also. Last night was a Practical Christianity meeting, where we continued our discussion on Occupy Wall Street. It was super interesting.

Right afterwards was the Monthly Movie with the Methodists: Interfaith Edition! Co-sponsored by the Jewish Students Association. The movie was Keeping the Faith, which is a really good/funny movie, I loved it, about three childhood friends who grew up to be a priest, a rabbi, and a workaholic businesswoman, and their friendships and love triangle.
The turnout was twice the usual, I think. I didn’t notice until the lights came up, because I came in late, but it was funny how the room was pretty much divided right and left Jews and gentiles, and we laughed about that. Anyway, we always converse afterwards, and the discussion was a lot about interfaith relationships and interfaith friendships and interfaith families. Then we were talking about EVERYTHING and I was learning so much about Jewish religion and culture. The movie ended around 10:30, and we didn’t leave ’til around 1:30 AM. I was exhausted but I couldn’t leave because it was so interesting.

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