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On Monday I passed a girl on the way to class whose shirt, i registered after she had gone, said “RedVines: What the Hell Can’t They Do?” I decided not to tell Danielle because I expected that she would be mad that I missed an opportunity to comment on an AVPM shirt. But then, as I was leaving class and going back to my dorm, I saw the same girl. I said “I love your shirt!” and she said thanks.

Last night I had a zombie apocalypse dream. There was lots and lots of running from zombies. It wasn’t very scary. I finally got nipped on my hand by a zombie, and I wondered if that was enough to turn me into  a zombie myself. I stopped in a school to have a scientist lady check out my hand. She was like, “Yep, that’ll do it” and I was like, “Darn.” I asked her who was in the locked room she was guarding. She said it was her true love, who had been turned into a zombie. She was keeping him in there until she could come up with a cure for zombieism. I said, “Cool” and ran on. I decided that I should find a place to hang out until I zombified and then died, somewhere where I wouldn’t be bothered. I remembered that there was this abandoned industrial complex area thing nearby that I used to play in before the zombie problem. I was looking around, and then I realized that it wasn’t as abandoned as I remembered it being. I went around the corner and saw that there was massive construction going on in an enclosed area. Then I remembered that I had been an official in the organization that was doing the construction, so I walked through the gates without being stopped. I wanted to find out what the construction was for. I came across an amazing building that I realized was a kind of self-sufficient zombpocalypse bunker, but it was AMAZING. It was really big, for a bunker, and could fit a large family comfortably. The inside was beautiful, and so high-tech that it felt magical. It was a cube, and the walls and everything were dark jewel colors. The back fourth was a pool. I couldn’t see through the water, but I saw that there was a shark with five dorsal fins swimming inside, and its fins would rise out of the water occasionally. I went and sat down in a bed/nook/chair. I was awe-struck, and I realized that this was the prototype bunker, and that soon all the surviving families would have their own bunkers in which to wait out the zombpocalypse… Then I dreamed that it had all just been a movie that I was watching, and the movie ended. A friend and I went outside and walked around in an abandoned industrial complex area thing, and we realized that this was where the movie was filmed.

I go to church on Sundays at 7pm and Thursdays at 11pm. I wasn’t going to go to the Thursday services, because they are so late, but I went to one and I was impressed at how it often works: sometimes the Thursday services are an opportunity for students to give lessons if they want, but usually the pastor lets someone shout out a verse that they want a lesson on, or if there are no requests, he lets someone thumb through the Bible and choose a verse randomly. And then he improvises a sermon. It’s kind of thrilling to watch, because it’s like extreme improv sermoning. I’ve never picked a verse, because I feel bad thinking that I might choose something too hard. But last Thursday, the pastor gave the Bible to a girl to pick a verse. She chose A GENEALOGY. Hahaha you should have seen the pastor’s face! The congregation was all laughing and oh-no-you-didn’t-ing. But he did it! And it was a really good sermon! He pwned it! It was impressive, and now I don’t think I’ll be as hesitant to suggest something if I want to. lol.
Afterward, the chaplain was like, as an after thought, “You  know what I should have said, Sarah? ‘Challenge accepted.'”


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  1. good, i would have been mad

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